Peace Warders

A pair of Peace Warders

Peace Warders served as the basic infantry and armed guards of the Triune cult.


Peace Warders were the counterpart to the Inquisitors utilized by the Temple of Light, and like the Inquisitors, were the judges and guards of their respective religion. They wore cowls and leather armor, upon which were the symbols of the three Orders of the Triune. They could wear more heavy armor if needs dictated,[1] and carry weapons such as swords and lances.[2] In the Triune's central temple near Kehjan, the Peace Warders guided newcomers to a path of their choosing.[1] Peace Warders always traveled in threes, the premise being that each Peace Warder represented one of the Triune's three deities.[3] Most, if not all of the cult's Peace Warders were ignorant of the Triune's true nature.[1]

The Peace Warders were either killed or scattered by the Edyrem as they toppled the Triune. Those who survived fled into the Torajan Jungles, their wills broken.[2]


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