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For the specific item, see Pauldrons (Item).
"Shoulders are precious parts of the body. If they’re dislocated or removed, raising weapons or tracing arcane symbols in the air becomes much more difficult."[1]

Pauldrons (aka Shoulderpads) are an armor type worn on the shouders in Diablo III. They combine both defensive and offensive characteristics.

They are capable of rolling Armor, resistances, reduced cooldowns, area damage, improvements of some tertiary skills (same as chestplates), reduced resource cost, life regeneration, increased life %, increased effect of health globes and potions, increased gold / health pickup range, chance to Chill on hit and core stats, in addition to all-item stats.

Nearly all Legendary and set shoulderpads have unique models, displayed on a character. Consequently, shoulderpads can be transmogrified.

Diablo III[]


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