Paladin Shields are Shields which only Paladins can equip. Paladin shields typically have either one percent increased resistance to all elements, or one percent increased physical damage. Paladin shields may have native modifiers of up to +45% to all resistances. This makes them potent choices for socketing, as rune words as well as Jewels, Runes, and Diamonds can further boost this resistance to very high amounts.

Paladin Shields
Normal Paladin Shields — TargeRondacheHeraldic ShieldAerin ShieldCrown Shield
Exceptional Paladin Shields — Akaran TargeAkaran RondacheProtector ShieldGilded ShieldRoyal Shield
Elite Paladin Shields — Sacred TargeSacred RondacheKurast ShieldZakarum ShieldVortex Shield
Exceptional Paladin Shields — Herald of Zakarum (Gilded Shield)
Elite Paladin Shields — Alma Negra (Sacred Rondache) • Dragonscale (Zakarum Shield)
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