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The Oxen Tribe is a Barbarian tribe.


The Oxen Tribe are proficient in metalwork,[1] and have spent centuries crafting legendary weapons.[2] True to their name, the oxen features heavily in their culture; the oxen symbol of the clan's Ked Bardu splinter represents the resilient and stubborn nature of those who live off the harsh land of the Dry Steppes,[3] and it is implied that the clan gives worship to the Oxen Gods.[4]


In antiquity, the Oxen Tribe fought against the invading Samauren Empire. They were present in the sacking of the empire's capital. A set of spaulders serve as the symbol of the tribe's warmaster.[5]

After the destruction of Mount Arreat, some of the Oxen Tribe ventured out of the Dreadlands to find a new home.[6] They ended up settling in the Dry Steppes, the city of Ked Bardu growing around their encampment.[7] Merchants came from all over to purchase from the tribe, such was the quality of their metalwork.[1] The tribe mostly kept to its own affairs, even as the city built up around them.[8]


In Diablo III, the Oxen Tribe are referenced in flavor text of The Legacy of Raekor item set. Many of the items are described as coming from oxen (e.g. oxen hide).

In Diablo IV, the Oxen Tribe is found in Ked Bardu in the Dry Steppes.

Known Members[]