Outer Steppes
Act Act IV
Quests None
Monsters Cliff Lurker, Doom Knight, Balrog, Venom Lord, Doom Caster, Corpulent, Flesh Spawner
Adjacent Zones Pandemonium Fortress, Plains of Despair
Area Level Normal 26
Area Level Nightmare 56
Area Level Hell 82
Waypoint No

The Outer Steppes are a region of Hell.


True to their name, the steppes appear to be on the outer reaches of Hell, bordering the Pandemonium Fortress. The ground of the steppes is paved with large square stones. Ruined arches, rows of cracked pillars, and crumbling walls dot the region. Here and there, flames jet from the ground or from rocky vents.[1]


The Outer Steppes are the first zone of Act IV in Diablo II. The weakest monsters in Hell are found in this zone, if "weak" is the right description. It is connected by a long stairwell to the Pandemonium Fortress, and may be considered part of it. The steppes don't have much of interest, and don't have a waypoint. In terms of act flow, they simply bridge the Pandemonium Fortress and Plains of Despair.


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