Outer Cloister
Act Act I
Quests None
Monsters Devilkin, Devilkin Shaman, Yeti, Razor Spine, Black Rogue
Adjacent Zones Monastery Gate, Barracks
Area Level Normal 9
Area Level Nightmare 40
Area Level Hell 70
Waypoint Yes

The Outer Cloister is the area in between the Monastery Gate and the Barracks. It is part of the Rogue Monastery and is relatively small, with three ways to explore, one of which leads to the Barracks area. The waypoint in this area is less common among players for their disregard of the Tools of the Trade quest.

The Outer Cloister area is not entirely random; there seem to be two different configurations. One version of the Cloister has a crucifix-shaped garden filled with plants in its center (human bones can be seen scattered throughout the garden). The other version has a large fountain in its center, located near the waypoint. The entrance into the Barracks is placed randomly however and can be found at the back of any of the three 'arms'.

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