An oskill in Diablo II is a bonus to a specific class skill with no class restriction, which allows characters to use an oskill even if it is not normally available to their class. Oskills were added in the Lord of Destruction expansion.

Oskills do not appear in the character's skill tree, and a character cannot spend skill points to improve oskills. Oskill levels are improved only by "+ to all skills" bonuses. If the character does not have the skill, the base level for that skill is considered 0.

Otherwise, oskills function as they would for their native class. They can be assigned to left-click and right-click buttons as well as hotkeys, if the skill normally allows it.

They only appear on specific set bonuses, unique equipment, and Rune words.

Same class capEdit

Oskills are capped to +3 skill levels if used by their native class. For example, the four-piece set bonus for Trang-Oul's Avatar is +10 to Meteor. Classes other than Sorceress will be able to cast a level 10 Meteor (or higher, with + to all skills) while wearing four pieces of Trang-Oul's. A Sorceress wearing the same will receive only +3 to her existing Meteor skill, however. This allows oskill bonuses to be large enough to be useful to other classes without being overpowered for their native class.


A common application of oskills is switching to a Call to Arms weapon, using the Battle Command and Battle Orders oskills granted by Call to Arms, then switching back to the main weapon, retaining the increased life and mana pools from Battle Orders. This technique is especially potent for characters with many +skill bonuses, such as Sorceresses and other spellcasting based builds.

Another common application of an oskill is Enigma armor, which allows any class to cast Teleport.

Oskills are the basis for some unusual builds, such as a Sorceress specializing in Enchant using a Passion weapon's Zeal oskill to deliver fast melee attacks, or a Barbarian specializing in normal (non-skill) weapon attacks with one weapon using a Beast weapon's Werebear and Lycanthropy oskills to increase defense and maximum life.

Table of oskillsEdit

Bonus Oskill Native class Equipment
+7–14* Arctic Blast Druid Frostwind unique sword
+2–6* Battle Command Barbarian Call to Arms rune word weapon
+1–4* Battle Cry Barbarian Call to Arms rune word weapon
+1–6* Battle Orders Barbarian Call to Arms rune word weapon
+1 Berserk Barbarian Passion rune word weapon
+2 Critical Strike Amazon Peace rune word body armor
+1–6* Critical Strike Amazon Insight rune word weapon
+3–6* Feral Rage Druid Wolfhowl unique barbarian helm
+3 Fire Mastery Sorceress Trang-Oul's Avatar full set bonus
+13* Fire Wall Sorceress Trang-Oul's Avatar 3-piece set bonus
+18* Fire Ball Sorceress Trang-Oul's Avatar 2-piece set bonus
+3–5* Guided Arrow Amazon Widowmaker unique bow
+10* Hydra Sorceress Dragonscale unique paladin shield
+12–18* Inferno Sorceress Flamebellow unique sword
+3 Lycanthropy Druid Beast rune word weapon
+3–6* Lycanthropy Druid Wolfhowl unique barbarian helm
+10* Meteor Sorceress Trang-Oul's Avatar 4-piece set bonus
+1 Teleport Sorceress Enigma rune word body armor
+2–6* Valkyrie Amazon Harmony rune word weapon
+1 Vengeance Paladin Kingslayer rune word weapon
+1 Warmth Sorceress Enlightenment rune word body armor
+3 Werebear Druid Beast rune word weapon
+3–6* Werewolf Druid Wolfhowl unique barbarian helm
+1 Whirlwind Barbarian Chaos rune word weapon
+1 Zeal Paladin Passion rune word weapon

* capped at +3 for native class

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