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Ormus' Robes is a Unique Dusk Shroud.

A powerful armor for Sorceresses, Ormus' Robes give bonuses not only to Cast Rate and Mana Regeneration, but even to Cold Skill, Fire Skill, and Lightning Skill Damage as well. Some Sorceress users that specialize in certain Spells, such as Meteor or Blizzard greatly increase their damage when equipping Ormus' Robes which correspond to their skills of choice.

The Random Skill can be any Sorceress Skill, except for Fire Mastery, Hydra, Lightning Mastery, Frozen Orb, and Cold Mastery.


Ormus' Robes
Dusk Shroud

Defense: 371-487
Required Level: 75
Required Strength: 77
Durability: 20

+10-20 Defense
+20% Faster Cast Rate
+10-15% To Cold Skill Damage
+10-15% To Fire Skill Damage
+10-15% To Lightning Skill Damage
+3 bonus to a random Sorceress Skill (Sorceress Only)
Regenerate Mana 10-15%

(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • This armor is one of the few items which are named after an actual NPC in the game, namely Ormus.
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