"I met Ormus on the docks of Kurast twenty years ago. He had a strange manner of speaking, one that my own comrades attributed to insanity. I, however, suspect that Ormus is a wise and incredibly gifted mage. His spellwork revealed him to be a member of the Taan clan, which focuses on the use of divination, scrying, and other abilities rooted in old Skatsimi mystical rites."

Deckard Cain(src)

Ormus is a Mage of the Taan Clan.


"You now speak to Ormus. He was once a great mage, but now lives like a rat in a sinking vessel. You have questions for Ormus and doubt in yourself. Ormus sees a strange dichotomy in you...as he does in all would-be heroes. Speak to him and he may grant you wisdom in turn. Or turn from him and seek wisdom in thyself."


By his own account, Ormus was once a great Mage. Judging from his dress and markings, Deckard Cain suspected that he was a member of the Taan Clan.[2] Whatever the truth, in his middle years,[1] Ormus found himself in Kurast, residing at the docks while the rest of the city started to be consumed by the surrounding jungle. By this point, Ormus had been watched by the Viz-Jaq'taar for many years. He provided instruction for a group of heroes pursuing the Dark Wanderer. When they returned with the Gidbinn, he was able to strengthen the spell protecting the docks from the jungle. After their defeat of Mephisto, he urged them to travel through the Infernal Gate to stop Diablo.[2]


Ormus is one of the main vendors and healer in Act III of Diablo II. He gives the Blackened TempleThe Guardian Quests, and also finishes the Blade of the Old Religion Quest.


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Personality and Traits

"Oh, Ormus has been talking in riddles for years. I think he does it to cover up the fact that he's got nothing intelligent to say."


Ormus earned himself the moniker of "the mad poet," due to always talking in rhymes and riddles.[3] Conversations with him were difficult as a result.[1] Alkor suggested that his use of riddles was to hide that he had nothing intelligent to say.[2] He had a strange manner of speaking,[4] referring to himself in the third person,[2] a trait that the heroes he encountered attributed to insanity. Deckard Cain however suspected that Ormus was a wise and incredibly gifted Mage,[4] and that Ormus wanted those around him to think him mad. Ormus however, had little time for Cain, per his negative view on the Horadrim, claiming that pride had led the order to failure.

Ormus was a follower of Skatsim, and had a dim view of the Zakarum faith.[2]


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  • A character named Ormus the Penitent appears in World of Warcraft. More than just having the same name, he provides player characters with rings from gaining reputation with the Ashen verdict within Icecrown Citadel. Similar to that of Diablo II in which he rewards players with a Ring for completing the "Blade of the Old Religion" Quest.


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