Ord Rekar was an Elder of Harrogath. His faith was a pillar in the Council of Elders, and others looked up to him for strength. He believed the Prophecies of the Final Day to be superstitious and that they would never come to fruition. After Rekar heard about Diablo's assault on Tristram, he became aware the Prophecies were beginning their fulfillment. Rekar heard about Diablo's defeat beneath the Tristram Cathedral. But, as time progressed, he started losing his faith, for word of Diablo's plot to free Mephisto and Baal reached him. Baal was left unaccounted for, while Mephisto was vanquished and Diablo was hunted into the depths of Hell. When Baal's army came to assault the Barbarian Highlands, Rekar's faith was shaken to the core. In his Last Testament, Rekar told his fellow Elders to find the truth so that they might be granted freedom one day.[1]


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