The Oracle Caste is one of the two major castes of Askari society, standing as the counterpart to the Amazon Caste.


The origins of the caste lie with the tale of Philios and Askarra, their coupling giving birth to twin girls. The girls grew, and upon hearing tales of the Sightless Eye (an artifact once held by the angel Lycander, vowed to recover it. Finding the Eye on Skovos, they discovered that while they could not use it to communicate with Heaven, they could use it to see the future. So it was that their culture grew with the Sightless Eye at the heart of their society. From the more stalwart sister, the Amazon Caste descended, while from the more ethereal one would come the Oracle Caste.[1]

Thousands of years before the Dark Exile, the oracles predicted its occurrence, predicting likewise that the Prime Evils would escape from their imprisonment. Thus, the warriors of the Amazon Caste trained for millennia. Their predictions were validated, as not only did the Prime Evils fall and rise, one of the Amazon Caste, a warrior named Cassia, allied with a group of heroes to defeat the Prime Evils. Still, their predictions did not end there, for the oracles foretold that the demonic hordes would return yet again. Thus, Cassia returned to Skovos to train a new army for the coming darkness.[2][3]


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