For similar effect in Diablo III, see Bleed.

Open Wounds is a special magic property added to certain Set or Unique Items, but NOT to Magic or Rare Items. When striking open wounds, an attack will cause an enemy to bleed uncontrollably, losing life along the way. A formula depending on character level is used to determine how much life is lost per frame:

Clvl 1-15 Clvl 16-30 Clvl 31-45 Clvl 46-60 Clvl 61-99
Damage per frame (9*Clvl+31)/256 (18*Clvl-104)/256 (27*Clvl-374)/256 (36*Clvl-779)/256 (45*Clvl-1319)/256
Duration 200 frames 200 frames 200 frames 200 frames 200 frames

  • 200 frames is equivalent to 8 seconds.
  • Versus a player, damage is divided by 4. With a missile weapon versus a player, damage is divided by 8. Versus bosses and champions the damage is divided by 2.
  • It is possible to get up to 100% chance for Open Wounds, as most Open Wounds items stack.
  • Once one gets enough chance to cause Open Wounds and a high enough level, Prevents Monster Heal is no longer necessary, as the damage dealt will overpower any monster's regeneration, no matter the monster type, even on Hell Difficulty.
  • If a Physically Immune monster has taken damage from another source, Open Wounds will cause the monster to lose life, albeit less effectively.
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