Odyssey's End is a Legendary Bow in Diablo IIIadded in Patch 2.1.2. It requires character level 70 to drop, and originally only dropped during the Season Two for Seasonal characters. After the end of the Season Two, it drops for normal characters as well.

The unique affix bonus is multiplicative with other similar modifiers, but, obviously, has no effect on enemies immune to Slow. It augments both attacks of the bearer and their allies.

Stats (Level 70)Edit

Unique bow 102 x1 demonhunter male

Odyssey's End
Legendary Bow


  • 670.6 Damage Per Second
    • 143–815 Damage
    • 1.40 Attacks per Second
  • +626–750 Dexterity
  • Enemies snared by your Entangling Shot take 100–150% increased damage from all sources.
  • One of 7 Magic Properties (varies):
  • +3 Random Magic Properties

After her many travels, the heroine Aphaena returned home bearing the mightiest bow in all of Skovos. Only the strongest warriors may string it, and in modern times, the greatest of Skovos's champions compete for that honor.


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • The name and the description of this bow are a reference to the Greek legend of Odysseus (Ulysses in Roman version) from The Odyssey poem, who owned a bow that none but him could string. The name of the Amazon that replaces Odysseus in this version is a possible reference to Athena, the patron goddess of Ulysses on his journey.
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