Odeg the Keywarden of Regret
Gender: Male
Class: Goatman Impaler
Race: Khazra
Act: Act I
Zone: Fields of Misery
Rarity: Super Unique
Affixes: Jailer
Unique Drops: Infernal Machine of Bones

Odeg the Keywarden of Regret, Evasive Khazra Brute is a Super Unique Goatman Impaler of the Moon Clan, located in the Fields of Misery in Diablo III, Act I. Odeg is also a Keywarden. He has a chance to drop the Infernal Machine. At levels 61-70, he has a chance to drop the Infernal Machine of Bones, and a small chance to drop any other level 70 device.

He has Jailer, Knockback and Molten affixes. In addition, he periodically releases three fireballs which hit for heavy Fire damage.

Odeg is a ranged attacker and, despite having Molten affix, will not try to engage player in melee, preferring to shoot from afar at his immobilized target.

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