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Oathkeeper is a Legendary mighty weapon introduced in patch 2.4 of Diablo III. It requires character level 70 to drop.

The unique affix makes all four Primary skills attack faster and deal more damage, stacking multiplicatively with other similar effects.

Stats (Level 70)[]


Legendary Mighty Weapon


  • 461.5 Damage Per Second
    • 249–461 Damage
    • 1.30 Attacks per Second
  • +626–750 Strength
  • One of 7 Magic Properties (varies):
  • Primary skills attack 50% faster and deal 150–200% increased damage.
  • +3 Random Magic Properties

Betrayed by his kin, robbed of his birthright, Andar Kul-Vagas spent more than a year in isolation forging this blade. The Tribe of Thunder records that he returned to reclaim his clan, and before they died, his traitorous brothers did finally uphold their broken oaths.