Requires: 87 Magic
Cost: 60 Mana (-3 per Spell Level, minimum 35)

Releases a radiant circle of electric ruin.

Damage Type: Lightning

Nova is the ultimate Lightning spell in Diablo I. In the original game, it cannot be learned from books, only from scrolls and staves. In Hellfire, it can be actually learned.

General InformationEdit

Nova discharges a ring of lightning bolts around the caster that expands outward in all directions. Sometimes, a trapped treasure chest could release Nova when opened (damaging the player).

This spell has immense area of effect, and in multiplayer, can harm allies very easily.

Unlike Chain Lightning, bolts are released in all directions. Each hits independently, and when really close, more than one can affect a single foe. From distance, Chain Lightning beats it due to gaps.

The Cryptic shrines, in addition to fully restoring a hero's Mana, cast Nova, free of costs.

  • Min. Damage: 5 x Rec(Spell Level, 2 + [Character Level/2])
  • Max. Damage: 5·Rec(Spell Level, 15 + [Character Level/2])
  • Quick Min. Damage: 5·(2 + Character Level/2) · (9/8)^Spell Level
  • Quick Max. Damage: 5·(15 + Character Level/2) · (9/8)^Spell Level
  • Real Damage: Rec(Spell Level, (Itt(5, Rnd[6]) + Character Level + 5)/2)
  • Total number of bolts: 92
  • Speed: 16

Rec stands for recursive, and Itt stands for iterated function.


Diablo 1 spells - Nova (by Decimius)

Diablo 1 spells - Nova (by Decimius)

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