Norrec Vizharan is the protagonist of Richard A. Knaak's Diablo novel Legacy of Blood.

He owns the armour of Bartuc, Warlord of Blood. In his time, he often travelled with his friends, Sadun and Fauztin, looking for treasure for their own spending purposes. Norrec, who grew up in Westmarch, worked as a mercenary for most of his life.

Norrec adventured with a party of two mercenaries into a labyrinth. The curse of the armour began when he equipped a gauntlet belonging to Bartuc, the Warlord of Blood. The gauntlet was unable to be removed from his hand and took control of him, causing the deaths of Sadun and Fauztin. After falling unconscious shortly after, he awoke with the rest of the armour stuck on.

The armor gave its wearer great strength and the ability to summon and command demons, though Norrec had almost no control of this ability as long as he had worn it. Norrec tried once to commit suicide but this went against the armour's plan, and it began to take control of his body to keep him alive, needing him as a host. Its goal was to reunite with its missing piece, the helmet, and resurrect the spirit of Bartuc.


  • Norrec's last name means "servant of the Vizjerei" in the old tongue.
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