Norrec Vizharan is the protagonist of Richard A. Knaak's Diablo novel Legacy of Blood.

He owns the armor of Bartuc, Warlord of Blood. In his time, he often travelled with his friends, Sadun and Fauztin, looking for treasure for their own spending purposes. Norrec, who grew up in Westmarch, worked as a mercenary for most of his life.

Norrec adventured with a party 2 mercenaries into a labyrinth. The curse of the armor began when he equipped a gauntlet belonging to Bartuc the Warlord of blood. The armor glued to his body and equipped itself on his body.

He was controlled by the Armor, which caused him to do terrible things, including killing his own friends, and summon demons to do the armor's twisted bidding.

The armor gave Norrec the ability to summon and command demons and perform powerful feats he was not capable of. Both a blessing and a curse the armor brought him to the brink of death but always kept Norrec alive. Norrec tried to commit suicide but this went against the armor's plan.


  • Norrec's last name means "servant of the Vizjerei" in the old tongue.
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