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Gorrel and his conspirators (Wynton Courtyard)

Gorrel and his goons

Noble Deaths is an event taking place in Wynton Courtyard, located in Westmarch Commons in Diablo III.

Once inside, the Nephalem will find numerous corpses, and will note that the murders are too clean to be the work of the Reapers. The truth is revealed in the final room: the Nephalem enters just as Gorrel and his murderous thugs are finishing off the last of the noblemen.

"The Nephalem: —What is going on here?
Gorrel: —Revolution! It's time for our oppressors to fall. The king is in the city, but we have a trap waiting for him.
The Nephalem: —You plot and scheme at a time like this?!
Gorrel: —What? You're not with us? Then die with our enemies!"

- Gorrel and the Nephalem(src)

Killing Gorrel and his thugs finishes the event. This event is required for the Long Live the King achievement.