No Escape No Escape
Avalanche, Seismic Slam, Ancient Spear and Weapon Throw deal 30% more damage against enemies at least 15 yards away from the Barbarian.

"Run if you must, but you'll only die tired." — Ooron Goons

No Escape is a Barbarian passive skill in Diablo III, unlocked at level 35.


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Originally, this skill increased the damage of Ancient Spear and Weapon Throw and caused Critical Hits of Ancient Spear to reset its cooldown while Critical Hits with Weapon Throw had a chance to return 14 Fury.

The Avalanche bonus is calculated by distance from the character, not by the proximity to the impact point.


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  • The description quote originally belonged to Boba Fett from Star Wars, but is also a common real-world pun regarding snipers.