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For the memory, see Memory of Nilfur.
"Examine for a thousand moments. Then again for a thousand more. Strike once."

- Nilfur(src)

Nilfur was a magic-user, and member of the Horadrim. She was so accurate in her spellcasting that she could call meteors to land at her feet.[1]

Nilfur was among the Horadrim that bound their essence into vessels. As the Horadrim could not conquer death, these vessels would store their memories for future Horadrim.[2]


Diablo Immortal[]

The Memory of Nilfur appears in Diablo Immortal. Nilfur's Precision is a vessel that's part of the Legacy of the Horadrim system.

Diablo III[]

One of the Kanai's Cube recipes, Skill of Nilfur, is named after her in Diablo III.