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Nihlathak's Temple
Act Act V
Quests Betrayal of Harrogath
Monsters Prowling Dead, Defiled Warrior(Minion)
Super Unique Monsters Pindleskin
Adjacent Zones Halls of Anguish
Area Level Normal 32
Area Level Nightmare 63
Area Level Hell 83
Waypoint No

This location is completely static, all monsters are preset, so no Uniques.


It is unknown where Nihlathak's Temple is, but it is certain to be near Mount Arreat. The red portal leading to this area will remain open unless a player activates the Halls of Pain waypoint and kills Nihlathak. If one of these is avoided, the portal will stay open. This location is always shrouded in darkness.


There are three named halls under the temple. The names are Halls of Vaught, Halls of Anguish and Halls of Pain.