The Nightscape is one of the less unique armors in the original Diablo because of its reduced Light Radius and low Armor Class.

The severe Light Radius reduction can be helpful for melee fighters who plan to use a method of stealth to put an end to the evils in the labyrinth; through the use of items adding up to -80% light radius, heroes can lure small numbers of foes, sometimes only one foe. This comes at a cost, however- the Armor Class this armor provides is not at all impressive.




  • Armor Class: 15
  • +3 to Dexterity
  • -40% Light Radius
  • +20% Resist All
  • Faster Hit Recovery
  • Requirements: None
  • Durability: 12
  • Quality level: 16
  • Availability: Single Player and Multiplayer
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