For the Druid spell, see Werewolf.

"Mysterious beasts have been sighted in the lands bordering Scosglen. Some say they are part man and part wolf, but I have not been able to confirm it with my own eyes. Whatever their origin, the destruction they leave in their wake suggests that we are right to fear the worst..."

Archangel Tyrael(src)

A Night Howler

Night Howlers (a.k.a. Werewolves) are large, bipedal wolf-like predators encountered in the Shrouded Moors of Act II in Diablo III.


In close combat, Night Howlers deliver quick and highly damaging claw swipes. They can move quite fast, and are usually encountered in packs of two-three or even more. They count as Beast enemies.

In addition, they can leap to quickly cross short distances. Leaping on top of the enemy will immediately cause an attack too.

Occasionally, werewolves may howl, empowering the damage of themselves and the nearby Night Howlers for some time: visually, the empowered beasts have their claws glow red.

Whitefur Howlers are much larger, but are a rare sight: even two at a time are not easy to find. They have the ability to leap backwards and then charge at the enemy, dashing quickly for about 40-50 yards for high damage and Knockback.



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