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"See, the problem is they never should have named this place New "Tristram." We wouldn't be getting attacked all the time if we were called, oh, I don't know, New Wellington, would we?"
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Overview of New Tristram

New Tristram is a town in central Khanduras which was built near the ruins of Old Tristram. Like its predecessor, New Tristram has seen its share of misfortune. It is protected by the Tristram Militia.


"...the most unfortunate town I could find."

- Brother Jurmu(src)


"After King Leoric went mad, no one lived in these parts for a long time. Then adventurers were lured here by tales of riches to be found inside the old cathedral. New Tristram started when some traveling merchants decided to set down here to sell to the adventurers. It grew quickly...Lot of good farming in these parts."

- A New Tristram villager(src)

New Tristram wagon

A wagon in New Tristram

The founding date of New Tristram is unclear. Originally simply a collection of merchants looking to profit on adventurers and travelers drawn by legends of riches within the Tristram Cathedral, it slowly set down roots and became an established town.[1] The town grew quickly, in part due to the abundance of farming.[2] As soon as the cathedral was looted bare, however, the adventurers and travelers stopped coming, and New Tristram found itself in decline. By 1285, the town was comprised mostly of depressing shacks. When he visited it, Abd al-Hazir noted that only the town's inn looked the least bit habitable.[1]

Recent History[]

"Let's see...rampaging khazra, dark strangers appearing after a mysterious fire in the sky...oh, and, uh, miscellaneous tomfoolery. Just another happy day in New Tristram."

The Risen assault

The same year of Hazir's visit, a falling star crashed into the abandoned cathedral. This event caused the dead to stir, assaulting the town.[3] Rationing was enforced.[4] For six days, the miltia held the Risen at bay. Morale sagged,[5] and many villagers became resigned to their fate. Salvation arrived with the coming of The Nephalem.[3] However, the militia still had to hold the dead at bay while The Nephalem were outside the town. Captain Rumford had rations reduced to halves and quarters.[4] After the (final) death of the Skeleton King,[6] a week after the assault had began,[7] the attacks against the town died down, leading some to suggest making a break for Wortham. However, this was impractical, as khazra were rampaging throughout the hills near the town.[6]

When Maghda killed Deckard Cain, many of the townsfolk mourned his death.[8]

Months later,[9] New Tristram had more or less recovered. Bron ran for the position of mayor as a replacement for Holus, who had fled during the undead assault.[10]

Amid a hunting expedition, citizens hailing from New Tristram stumbled across an ominous altar in ruins in the Festering Woods.[11] The altar was brought back to New Tristram, where many townsfolk saw it, then left. Soon afterwards, the Nephalem themselves returned to New Tristram, demanding to see the altar for themself.[12] Shaken to their core by the eldritch aroma of the monolith, the citizens enlisted the assistance of nephalem willing to investigate.[11]


New Tristram is the hub area for the first act of Diablo III. Areas of the town are steadily unlocked as the player completes quests and progresses through the act's storyline. In Adventure Mode, the layout of the town is completely different.



New Tristram smith

New Tristram's blacksmith

Known Inhabitants[]

The following is a list of all known inhabitants of New Tristram, NPC or otherwise.


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • The town features in the Blizzard World map in Overwatch.
  • New Tristram's founding date differs between sources. In the Writings of Abd al-Hazir, reference is made to the town having been in existence "for several years" prior to the events of Diablo III. In the Wizard's quest log for "The Fallen Star" however, it is stated that the town is "barely two decades old."