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Nerves of Steel Nerves of Steel
Receiving fatal damage instead reduces the Barbarian to 15% of his/her maximum Life. For 3 seconds afterward, the Barbarian takes 95% reduced damage and gains immunity to all control-impairing effects.

This effect may only occur once every 60 seconds.

The trials begin with childhood; skinning ferocious beasts, climbing windswept cliffs and carrying weapons heavy enough to make a southern soldier weep. Is it any wonder that they never give ground?Sir Aric of Duncraig

Nerves of Steel is a Barbarian passive skill in Diablo III, unlocked at character level 13.

The 60-seconds cooldown may not be reduced by normal means, only being removed if the Barbarian dies.

For obvious reasons, this skill is considered mandatory for Hardcore characters.


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Originally, this skill was increasing the Barbarian's Armor by half of their total Vitality. In patch 2.2.0, it was replaced with a life-saving mechanic, making Barbarians the last class to gain one.