A Barbarian using Nephalem Glory

Nephalem Glory is a buff available in Diablo III. It is triggered when a character moves over a power globe, which grants the buff for the character and nearby allies for 60 seconds, after which a secondary damaging energy burst will also be triggered.

Picking up additional power globes while Nephalem Glory is active will level up the power of this energy burst by up to three times; it will also reset the duration of the buff to 60 seconds. Picking up health globes will extend the duration of Nephalem Glory by 5 seconds, and every 5th health globe will upgrade the stack by one up to twice, until it reaches maximum. Upon reaching max stack, health globes will only affect on replenishing extra duration. Every extra Power Globe will refresh the duration fully also level up the power of the effect by 1; again, up to a maximum of three increases. [1]

The buff first appeared in console version and was introduced into the PC version of the game via the pre-expansion patch, [2] replacing Nephalem Valor for both classic and expansion players.

Levels (Console only) Edit

  • Level 1: While Nephalem Glory is active, heroes will deal double damage with every attack.
  • Level 2: With two levels of Nephalem Glory, heroes will deal double damage that also carries over to nearby enemies with every attack. Additionally, heroes gain 10% bonus movement speed.
  • Level 3: With three levels of Nephalem Glory, heroes will deal double damage with every attack that also carries over to nearby enemies. Each hit they land while the buff is active has a chance of creating a damaging explosion.[1]

On each level, when the effect wears off, a damaging explosion also erupts from the player, hitting enemies within specific range (damage and radius increase with level).

In a more recent patch on PS4, picking up a health globe does not seem to add time to Nephalem Glory.


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