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The Necruid is a class from a 2014 April Fool's joke for Diablo III, supposedly combining elements of the Necromancer and Druid classes from Diablo II. Datastrings were extracted from the game.


20 years have passed since the Worldstone was destroyed and the peoples of Sanctuary had learned that being united is the only way to battle the force of Hell. Many of the different clans and tribes become closer with the years and now some of them have began to share the traits of several distinct crowds. The Druids of Scosglen and the Necromancer priests of Rathma had formed a strong bond very early on and so gave birth to something incredibly powerful, yet somehow wrong - the Necruid.


The datastrings listed the following abilities:

  • Raise Skeleton: Cast on the corpse of a slain monster, this raises a skeleton warrior that fights for you
  • Raise Plant: Cast on the corpse of a slain vegetable, this raises a plant warrior that buffs you with vitamins
  • Werespear: You throw a Spear dealing 140% weapon damage and morph in and out of Werebear form upon activation of the skill
  • Bone Armor: Creates an orbiting shield of bone that absorbs melee damage and if timing is right also ranged damage
  • Bone Wall: Creates an impassable barrier of bone and debris
  • Bone Prison: Creates a barrier of fossilized bone around your target
  • Bone Citadel: Creates a fortress where the Necruid can chill for a while
  • Creeper Golem: Summon a vine that is a golem
  • Zombie Golem: Nope. Witch Doctor.
  • Dim Vision: Curses a group of monsters, reducing their critical thinking and making them eco-concerned. This causes them to fight each other
  • Nature Calls: Enemies get overdisgusted from you and start running away, throwing up loot in their wake
  • Firestorm: Receive up to 2000% increased gold in the next 5 minutes as insurance money for the forest burning down


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