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"Haunt your foes with the dead, so even the demons of the Burning Hells will feel dread. Reanimate corpses to protect the living. Curse the damned with baneful skills. Inflict pestilence on the enemy. Alienated and shunned by society, those who underestimate your power are ignorant of their grave mistake. Only your commands echo in eternity. Raise the dead. Raise the stakes. The Necromancer is here"

- Class description(src)


The Necromancer

The Necromancer is a playable class in Diablo Immortal.


Necromancers specialize in medium to short range combat by summoning undead minions and casting spells. They wield scythes, ritual daggers or staffs in tandem with a shield to battle. While Necromancers can attack from range, their undead minions work on the frontline, making the Necromancer ideal for solo play.

In PvP, the Necromancer has an innate 15% reduction of incoming damage from enemy players.[1]


Primary Attacks[]



  • "By Rathma...An endless sea of souls have perished because of this stone. It is a beacon to life and death." (upon obtaining the Wortham shard)

Level Gain[]

  • "Death is, quite the teacher."
  • "My insight grows."
  • "Rathma blesses his own."
  • "The Great Cycle continues onward."
  • "A bit bright." (a reference to level-gain's 'light effect')
  • "There is always more to comprehend."



  • "Death is inevitable."
  • "Die and rot."
  • "Do not be afraid, death beckons."
  • "Fear not the end."
  • "The Balance is preserved."
  • "Your corpses are mine."
  • Your grave beckons."

Battle Taunt[]

  • "Run if you like... there is no escape."


  • "I must wait."
  • "I need more time."
  • "No, not yet."

Corpse Needed[]

  • "That requires a corpse."
  • "Without a corpse, I cannot."

Health Potion[]

  • "It is not my time, it seems."
  • "My health is restored."
  • "My wounds mend."





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