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For Diablo II Unique ring, see Nagelring (Diablo II).

The Nagelring is a legendary ring in Diablo III. It requires character level 38 to drop. As of patch 2.2.0, it became a Season Three exclusive item, but drops for all characters after that Season ended.

It gained a unique affix in 2.2.0 that summons Fallen Lunatics, to a limit of 4 at a time (8 in early PTR builds). Each of them explodes for roughly 10000% damage in 15-20 yards, choosing the highest Elemental Damage skill bonus the character has. They follow the character as pets. In all other means, they are identical to normal monsters, except for color (to distinguish them easily).

As of patch 2.0., it is the only ring (aside from PS3-exclusive Leah's Ring) that can roll Magic Find, and has the largest bonus in game.

Stats (Level 38)


Legendary Ring


Crafted by a mad sorcerer during his long imprisonment within the bitter labyrinths of the Black Obelisk of Vyr.


When this ring first gained a unique affix, it could drop as early as level 8, potentially allowing most foes (including bosses) to be killed by four Lunatics alone, without player lifting a finger.[1]