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MythicRh Mythic Rhythm
Landing a third (Combo) hit from a Primary skill increases the damage of the next damaging skill that costs Spirit by 40%.

"The spirit is inconquerable, it folds in upon itself, it grows, always strengthening." — Patriarch Anisim

Mythic Rhythm is a Monk passive skill, unlocked at level 68.


Primary skills include Fists of Thunder, Deadly Reach, Crippling Wave and Way of the Hundred Fists.

The damage buff is multiplicative, but does not stack, and is consumed on cast. Therefore, the Monk needs to deliver 3 blows with a Primary attack before each Spirit-consuming skill cast for maximum effect.

The damage buff only applies to skills actually cast by the character, not triggered by items and other effects.

For Tempest Rush, damage buff will be active throughout the whole channel, until canceled.

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