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Mystic Ally
Mystic Ally

Class: Monk
Required Level: 22
Skill Category: Focus
Active / Passive
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Passive: A mystic ally fights by the Monk's side. The ally deals 130% of their damage as Physical per swing. When the ally dies, it is reborn after 5 seconds.

Active: The mystic ally has its damage increased by 50% for 10 seconds.

Damage Type: Physical
Other Stats: Summon; Can be cast on the move; Does not interrupt casting; Can be used while under crowd control effects

Mystic Ally is a Focus Monk skill in Diablo III, unlocked at level 22. It grants a permanent combat pet which attacks enemies, provides passive bonuses, and can be activated for an additional effect. It is the central skill of the Inna's Mantra Monk class set.


Passively summons a permanent companion: the spiritual copy of the Monk. It follows the Monk around, attacking enemies with the same attack speed as the Monk, dealing 130% damage as Physical per hit. It cannot use any of the Monk's skills. The Ally can be killed (has the same Toughness as the Monk), but is automatically revived in 5 seconds.

Activating Mystic Ally without any Skill Rune increases damage done by the Ally's attacks by +50% (to 195% damage as Physical).


The choice of rune fundamentally changes the Mystic Ally's active effect, completely replacing the damage buff of the un-runed version. It also provides a small bonus to the monk as a passive effect, and sometimes modifies the form of the Ally's regular non-activated attack.

  • Water Ally (Cold):
    • Passive: Monk attacks Chill enemies for 3 seconds, slowing them by 60%.
    • Active: The Ally transforms into a crushing wave for up to 15 seconds, dealing up to 7 attacks for 625% damage each. Enemies hit by the wave are Frozen for 3 seconds.
  • Fire Ally (Fire):
    • Ally attack: A piercing short burst. It hits all enemies in an 18-yard line, similar to Deadly Reach.
    • Passive: Increases the Monk's damage by 10% (added with other damage bonuses from skills).
    • Active: The Ally turns into 2 smaller Allies, each exploding for 1920% damage when it encounters an enemy. Once they both detonate, or after 15 seconds, the Ally's normal form returns.
  • Air Ally (Physical):
    • Ally attack: Direct attack is the same, but upon attacking it gains a Sweeping Wind-like effect which deals 45% damage as Physical to enemies within 10 yards of it. (This effect is not stated in the rune description.)
    • Passive: Increases the Monk's Spirit regeneration by +4 per second.
    • Active: Restores 100 Spirit to the Monk.
  • Enduring Ally (Physical):
    • Passive: Increases the Monk's Life per Second. The base amount scales with level, up to 10728 at level 70, and is increased by 7% of the Monk's other Life per Second bonuses.
    • Active: Sacrifices the Ally and heals the Monk to 100% of maximum Life. The cooldown increases to 50 seconds. (The Ally returns in 5 seconds as normal.)
  • Earth Ally (Physical):
    • Passive: Increases the Monk's maximum Life by 20%.
    • Active: The Ally turns into a rolling boulder for 8 seconds, dealing 4500% damage per second. Enemies hit by the boulder are knocked up for 1 second.

Non-rune enhancements[]

  • Inna's Reach (Set Daibo): Increases damage of Mystic Ally by 90 - 120%, as a standard "+% to skill" magic item property (but a much higher range than normal).
  • Inna's Mantra set bonuses:
    • 2 items: Increases passive effects of Mystic Ally by 100%.
    • 4 items: Grants 5% damage reduction for each Mystic Ally out. They no longer take damage.
    • 6 items: Grants the passive rune bonuses for all five Mystic Allies. Monk attacks summon an additional Ally of the current rune type, up to 10, for 15 seconds. Mystic Allies gain 900% damage for each Ally out.
      • Additional Allies do not grant additional passive bonuses. Additional Air Allies do not give additional Spirit when activated.
      • All Water, Fire and Earth Allies enter active forms together. If more are summoned after others have been activated, the new ones will appear in their non-active forms, but can be activated also with another use of the skill. Their active timers are separate. Temporary Allies can still expire while in their active forms.
  • The Crudest Boots (Legendary Boots): Summons double the amount of Mystic Allies at once, increases their damage by 150 - 200% and extends the length of time of the active forms of Water, Fire, and Earth Allies to 30 seconds.
    • Passive bonuses and activated effects are both duplicated by the extra Allies.
    • Water allies are significantly changed by this power, continuously attacking for high damage over the entire length of their transformation. Fire allies still explode at most once and then return to their regular form.
  • Bindings of the Lesser Gods (Legendary Bracers): Enemies hit by Cyclone Strike take 150 - 200% more damage from Mystic Allies for 5 seconds. Split Fire Allies gain 3 times this bonus. The bonus does not stack.
  • Tasker and Theo (Legendary Gloves): Increases pet Attack Speed by 40 - 50%.
  • Enforcer (Legendary Gem): Increases Ally damage by 15% (+0.3% per rank). Reduces their damage taken by 90% (rank 25 bonus).

Earth Ally boulder behavior[]

Three Mystic Ally runes give the allies a different form when activated. Water and Fire Allies work in a fairly straightforward manner as described above, but activated Earth Allies, which take the form of boulders, have several quirks or bugs. Below, their behavior is compared to Water Allies and their activated wave form while under the effects of The Crudest Boots. The quirks can occur for Earth Allies even without the Boots.

  • Earth Allies change back to their non-boulder forms upon changing zones via touchable doorway, portal or waypoint. In contrast, Water Allies remain in wave form for their full duration in this situation.
  • The duration of boulder form is not refreshed upon re-activating the Mystic Ally skill. In contrast, Water Allies remain in wave form continuously if the skill is re-activated before their duration expires.
  • The AI controlling the movement and attacks of boulder form can get into a state where it focuses on monsters very far away from the player or even leaves the screen entirely. Once the duration expires, the non-boulder forms immediately re-appear next to the Monk. This issue is intermittent: some activation periods may see the boulders working normally and similar to Water Ally wave form, attacking monsters near the Monk and staying nearby when no monsters are around; the next activation may begin normally but then see them lose their "leash" to the Monk.[1]
    • The "unleashed" state seems to occur more often when the boulders interact with narrower-spaced walls or terrain edges, including those of Waller elites, but it can easily occur in open spaces as well.
    • The "unleashed" state seems connected to having multiple enemies on screen, but even if all but one are killed (for instance, while fighting a boss), boulders that have "lost their leash" beforehand will usually not return to their normal state until their duration expires.
    • Since Earth Allies leave boulder form on zone changes, the "unleashed" state can be reset once the skill's cooldown expires by using Town Portal, then immediately returning to the fight and re-activating boulder form.
    • The Patch 2.7.3 notes stated "Boulders always leash to the player regardless of how many monsters are on screen",[2] but the bug was observed to still be happening in-game afterward.[1]
  • When under the effects of the Inna's Mantra 6-piece bonus, occasionally putting the Earth Ally skill into the action bar (including via the Armory) causes the permanent Ally (or Allies) to be un-runed Mystic Allies rather than Earth Allies, while the temporary ones created by the set bonus work as expected. The permanent one(s) do not transform with the others. This can be fixed by re-slotting or re-runing the Mystic Ally skill.



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