The Mysterious Journal is a five-part tome that can be found on Forgotten Writings lecterns in the Temple of the Firstborn and in Discarded Tomes in Shrouded Moors. It was written by Vidian, but the text itself lacks signature, and displays no portrait.

The journal reads as follows:

  1. Everything has changed. First Belial was thwarted in Caldeum — then Azmodan in Arreat Crater. Their deaths shook the Seven Hells, but they were merely the harbinger for the return of Diablo as the Prime Evil. Though his power was unmatched, he was defeated... and the Angel of Death followed. Who could have done this?
  2. The rumors have traveled far, even to my lands. Humanity is regaining its power, and the nephalem are reborn... People say they have defeated Diablo and Malthael, and secured peace on Sanctuary. My brothers and sisters did not believe it... No mortal could do so much. But I would know more...
  3. I was never the strongest of my kin, but I am the most relentless. I will find these heroes, even if it means scouring every corner of these miserable lands. It is clear the nephalem are drawn to danger, and if nothing else, that is what will bring us together.
  4. I must make the proper arrangements before we meet. Everything shall be in order for my exalted guests. They are used to the company of angels and rulers, not my humble pleasures, but oh, the things they are missing. I will show them just how attentive a host can be.
  5. My followers have done well. I was no match for those I seek, but through my new regimen, I have gained strength and power. To think it was this simple all along! Perhaps my dear little friends will see me and know they are inferior? That their blood is thin compared to the richness that now flows in my veins? Or we could slice each other open and see who is the victor...
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