Mummies are embalmed dead bodies. Many are treated this way after death, especially by the people residing in Aranoch. When killed, Mummies emit a poison cloud that can affect both you and your minions. If you are particularly weak against poison, you may want to consider carrying Antidote Potions with you when engaging Mummies. They bear close resemblance to Zombies though move slightly faster and can stand more punishment.

Mummies have a chance to deal Poison damage on striking.

On Hell difficulty, all variants of mummies are immune to Poison.

The different types of mummies are Dried Corpse, Decayed, Embalmed, Preserved Dead, and Cadaver. Mummies can spawn from a Mummy Sarcophagus. In addition, fallen Mummies can be revived by Greater Mummy monsters. Like all Undead creatures, Mummies are easily dealt with by using blunt weapons such as maces and scepters. A number of the Paladin's abilities such as Holy Bolt are fairly effective against them too.

A super unique Mummy is Creeping Feature.


The inhabitants of Aranoch have long practiced the art of preserving the dead. As a reverence to the deceased, priests fill bodies with preservative fluids, then wrap them in specially-treated cloth, and bury them in tombs below the desert's surface. This mummification is believed to provide benefits for the deceased in the afterlife. Physically, a mummified body maintains its flesh and sinew for hundreds, even thousands of years.

Under Mephisto's manipulation, these honored dead have been summoned and bound with the spirits of malicious demons to fill the ranks of his undead army. Instilled with eternal loathing for the living, Mummies are stronger and better suited for combat than the zombies, who due to their advanced decay, are weak and infirm. Mummies are slow-moving, but can deliver powerful blows, often with the touch of poison from the chemicals used in their embalming. Fallen mummies often burst asunder from their wrappings, leaving behind a poisonous cloud that the living should best avoid.

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