Morlu Legionnaire

A Morlu Legionnaire

Morlu Legionnaires (a.k.a. Morlu Berserkers, or Morlu Invaders) are a melee-oriented type of Morlu enemies encountered in Act IV in Diablo III.


Morlu Artwork


Morlu Legionnaires are often encountered alonside the Morlu Incinerators, protecting them from harm and assaulting the enemy with brute force, using their bladed staves as weapons. They move much faster than the casters, and their melee blows can be deadly for glass cannon characters. They are, however, considered the demonic army's elite, therefore not being encountered too often and in large numbers.

Like other Morlu, when below 5% Life they turn into ash statues and, unless finished off in 10 seconds, are healed back to 1-100% Life.



Morlu Legionaries artwork is the one originally drawn for Triune Leader Death Guards.


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