Morlu Caster

Morlu Caster Concept

Morlu Casters (a.k.a. Incinerators) are a type of morlu enemy encountered in Diablo III.


Morlu incinerator

In-game model

Morlu Casters are demons. They appear in the second half of Act IV. They cannot attack normally, but can use three spells:
  • Meteor (similar to the Wizard skill, but with greatly increased area of effect: blasts the area with Fire damage and leaves a pool of magma that damages everything within itself)
  • Teleport (used mostly to get out of close combat, has a short cooldown)
  • Repulsion (knocks back an enemy in close contact with the Morlu, causes slight Physical damage)

Some Morlu Casters are also seen converting angels to Diablo's cause, spawning one Corrupted Angel every few seconds. The ritual is interrupted if the caster is distracted or killed.


As seen in the Monk trailer

Their Meteor attack is not too damaging, but hardly avoidable. Multiple damage over time effects in the same area do not stack. However, multiple Casters can quickly cover the entire battlefield in pools of fire.

Like Morlu Legionaries, Morlu Incinerators will restore 1-100% Life if brought down to their ash state (below 5%), but not killed in 10 seconds.



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  • A Morlu Caster can be seen at the end of the Monk's trailer.[1].


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