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Morad Peerse was a famed bladesmith, and creator of the Quinblades. He forged many weapons, but only the Quinblades survived to the End of Days. Each of these blades is imbued with Morad's feelings about events in his life.

  • Fulminator expresses his youthful exuberance and the joy he found in his craft.[1]
  • Incinerator mirrors the flamboyant egotism and passion of a creator at the height of his prowess.[2]
  • Rimeheart was forged after the loss of Peerse's family, reflecting both the hardening of its creator in the wake of tragedy and his consummate skill.[3]
  • Rancor represents its maker’s growing disenchantment with his work and with life in general, the blade infused with Peerse's vitriol and desire to inflict harm on others.[4]
  • Deathwish was the last weapon Morad Peerse forged: despairing over his unhappy life, Peerse decided to craft his masterwork. Pulling the red-hot blade from the forge, the smith fell upon it, quenching the sword in his own blood and imbuing it with an arcane shard of his very soul.[5]