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For the class as it appears in Diablo III, see Monk (Diablo III).
For general class lore, see Monks of Ivgorod.
"A master of martial arts. Lightning fast strikes that pummel enemies with a dizzying array of blows and mobility are the Monk's speciality"

- Class description(src)


The Monk

The Monk is a playable class in Diablo Immortal.


"The Patriarchs ordered me to walk these lands, but I did not know why. I followed the path, regardless. That journey has now led me here, to you. That is not coincidence: no, it is fate. And I will rise to meet it."

- The Monk(src)

A disciple of Inna. The Monk was sent to Wortham to investigate the rising darkness that was spreading throughout the area.[1]


Monks are themed around martial arts, and combine holy and elemental attacks. They normally wield Tonfas or Fist Weapons as weapons. The monk's attributes are Strength, Vitality, Potency and Willpower.

In PvP, the Monk has an innate 30% reduction of incoming damage from enemy players.[2]


Primary Attack[]



Level Up[]

  • "In the vast expanse, all things are one"
  • "Inna's radiance cascades down"
  • "My knowledge increases"
  • "The gods favour me"
  • "The path becomes clearer"
  • "There is always more to understand"
  • "Through hardship, I am tempered"
  • "Ymil grants me new insight"

Ultimate Ability[]

  • "Let my Fists unleash the sky's fury!"(Lightning Flux)
  • "Zaya! I am your conduit!" (Lightning Flux)
  • "Rage of thunder!" (Lightning Flux)
  • "Break beneath the endless tide!" (Release Force)
  • "None are beyond the gods' reach!" (Release Force)
  • "Unrelenting force!" (Release Force)

Using a skill before cool down[]

  • "Free your mind, then try again."'
  • "Not yet."
  • "Not yet!" (double tapping)
  • "That ability is not ready yet."
  • "You request for impossibilities."

Exhausted a channeled skill[]

  • "I am out of energy."
  • "I need energy."

Full inventory[]

  • "My bag is full."
  • "My burden is too great!"
  • "I am carrying too much already."
  • "I have nowhere to carry that."

Battle taunt[]

  • "I can already see flaws in your stance."
  • "I fear nothing. How about you?"
  • "I see you, and already I'm not impressed."
  • "Without vision, one looks but does not see."
  • "You lack understanding, amongst other things."


  • "Even the mountains rest beneath the sky."
  • "Your flaws are revealed."
  • "Your spirit is broken."
  • "A thousand and one gods strike through me."
  • "Inna! Grant me focus!"
  • "The Patriarchs' will has been met."
  • "Yield!!"

Low health[]

  • "Can't... can't breathe. Need to move... faster."
  • "I am injured."
  • "I will not last much longer."
  • "My strength fails me."
  • "My will falters."

Taking a health potion[]

  • "Ah, much better "
  • "Ah, the gods do not wish me to die yet."
  • "Healed!"
  • "My health returns."
  • "My wounds are closing."

Joining a party[]

  • "Ah, so our paths are joined."
  • "My strength, is yours."
  • "Our fates become one."
  • "Together, we will prevail."

Welcoming a new party member[]

  • "A new ally joins us."
  • "My party grows stronger."


  • Though they prefer using fist weapons and tonfas, the monk is also proficient with swords.[3]