Monastery Gate
Act Act I
Quests None
Monsters Disfigured, Returned Archer Returned Mage, Dark Stalker
Adjacent Zones Tamoe Highland, Outer Cloister
Area Level Normal 8
Area Level Nightmare 40
Area Level Hell 70
Waypoint No

The Monastery gate is a location in Diablo II. It is located just after the Tamoe Highlands. It grants access to the Rogue Monastery and its Outer Cloister.

The Rogue Monastery guards the way East. The citadel is now being guarded by Andariel, who prevents anyone from chasing Diablo.

There's another, larger gateway leading through the Monastery; this is most likely the aforementioned way East, leading through the mountains and into the lands of Aranoch. However the wooden portcullis is lowered.

After killing Andariel, it's supposed to be opened up by the player, and the caravan led by Warriv is allowed to continue its journey East.

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