For the Diablo III rare spawn, see Bashiok (Monster).
Bashiok new

Bashiok's avatar prior to leaving Team 3

Micah "Bashiok" Whipple was the community manager for Diablo III.


Whipple joined Blizzard Entertainment in October, 2003.[1] He began work with the World of Warcraft team, posting under the name of "Drysc." He later transitioned to the Diablo III community team and changed his posting name to Bashiok, with his avatar being a Fallen Shaman. After the launch of Diablo III he returned to the WoW team and his former fel-tree avatar, but retained the name Bashiok. During his time on the WoW Community Team, they were awarded the “Best Community Management Team” at DragonCon 2012.[2]

Whipple left Blizzard on July 31, 2015.[1]

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Bashiok's avatar until May 27, 2009

Bashiok's forum posts


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