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"You are an impressive warrior, despite your rudimentary beliefs. An unseen land filled with spirits? How droll!"

Abd al-Hazir(src)

The Mbwiru Eikura, roughly translated as "the Unformed Land,"[1] and sometimes called "the Spirit World,"[2] or "the Spirit Realm,"[3] is an otherworldly plane, separate from Sanctuary. It is said to have "empyrean topography."[4]


The Unformed Land is the central tenet of the Umbaru's belief system, that the mortal realm is merely a veil for the true reality that is the Unformed Land. It is through the Witch Doctors that the Umbaru gain insight into the realm, who can purportedly see and experience it,[1] in a state they call the Ghost Trance.[5] They believe that every being senses the Unformed Land, even if they do not know it. It has been demonstrated that (supposedly) being severed from this connection results in excruciating pain.[6] It is from this realm that they draw their dark magic.[7] According to Enkasi, the Unformed Land is the 'true world,' and Sanctuary is its shadow.[8]

According to the Umbaru, gods dwell within this realm, their life force flowing from the Unformed Land into Sanctuary[5] (it has been said that a 'thread' flows from the Unformed Land into all living things).[9] Thus, the Umbaru hold ceremonies involving ritual sacrifice to keep this life force flowing.[5] Among these gods is Giyua, who is said to greet the spirits of the departed once they enter the realm.[10]

The gods aside, the denizens of the land are mischievous and drawn to power, always seeking to intrude upon the mortal world, but fail to stay for long.[11] An Umbaru priest once crossed into the realm, but returned as a Phantasm (and was subsequently slain).[12] Necromancers can tap into the spirit realm, channeling bitter and mischievous spirits into the minds of nearby enemies. The victims are bombarded with the gibbering of the dead, which, indistinguishable from their own thoughts, urge them to strike at friend and foe alike. The discordant wailing of these spirits builds to a crescendo, eventually driving the victim mad.[3]

Spirits of the Unformed Land were consumed by Malthael, as he sought to increase his strength. His actions weakened the divide between the Unformed Land and Sanctuary.[8]


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