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Maurice is a servant of House Natoli.


At some point, Maurice served as a soldier. In his aged later years, he acted as a servant for House Natoli. When Ashton Natoli disappeared, and Nerissa Natoli was left with his debts and a diminishing household, Maurice remained loyal to the family. A year after Ashton's disappearence, he arrived back home, in the form of a delivered corpse. It was in the midst of this that he observed his mistress playing card games with Carlotta, a woman who, despite her apparent age, could move much faster than he could. After the second visit, Nerissa requested Maurice fetch her an oil lamp, as she began writing to the creditors, begging for more time. As he returned, finding Elizabeth with her sister, Elizabeth suddenly span round, knocking the lamp out of Maurice's hands. Elizabeth's hair caught fire, and she was severely disfigured by the blaze. Maurice was sent out to find the healers, and while they saved her life, they could not save Elizabeth's visage. Maurice blamed himself for the accident, despite Nerissa insisting that he wasn't to blame. He stood on watch like a soldier for Carlotta, who sure enough, arrived a third time. Carlotta strode past him, and he announced Carlotta's presence to his mistress after she had done so herself. Nerissa let him leave as they began their third and final card game.[1]