Class: Druid
Required Level: 12
Skill Tree: Shape Shifting Skills
Requires: Werebear
Cost: 3 Mana

Mauls an enemy, building more strength with each hit.

Damage Type: Physical
Synergies: Shock Wave
Other Stats: Power-Up Skill; Can only be used in Werebear form

Maul is a Druid skill in Diablo II.


A Druid in Werebear form uses his mighty paws to rend brutal gashes in the flesh of his enemies. Using this ability, the fury of his assault increases with every opponent he kills.

General InformationEdit


  • Gives synergy to: Shock Wave: +5% Damage per level
  • Receives synergy from: none

This is a "Power-Up" skill, similar to the Assassin Charge-up Skill in that you gain charges with each attack, but different in that you do not need to use another attack to release the charges, Power-up Skills just get stronger and stay that way for a duration, and do not consume accumulated charges on hit.

The first hit you deal grants you a small orbiting green orb, each hit after that makes the orb bigger and bigger graphically showing you how many charges you have. Each hit will also refresh the timer on the duration, if you don't deal a hit after 20 seconds of the last hit, all the charges disappear.

The more hits you get in, the higher the damage bonus will grow. For Skill Level 1, the first hit is +20%, but by three hits, it will now be +60%. The "green ball" will spin around your character indicating the power level of Maul. The bigger the ball, the more damage you'll be doing, and the longer will be the Stun effect it applies.

+20% Damage Per Charge Level
Attack Bonus: 3% Plus, 3% Per Level

You will only gain a certain amount of charges, based on the level of the skill. If you look at the Bonus Damage row for Level 1 it says 20-60, since you get 20% with each hit, you only can hold 3 charges (20 > 40 > 60), at level 20 you can hold 13 charges. This charge limit will also affect how much Bonus Attack you get, since you can only hold 3 charges at level 1, you can only get up to a maximum of 29% Bonus Attack (20 + 3 * 3).

Skill ProgressionEdit

Mana Cost: 3
Duration: 20 seconds

Level 1234567891011
20–60% 20–80% 20–80% 20–100% 20–100% 20–120% 20–120% 20–140% 20–140% 20–160% 20–160%
20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 110% 120%
0.9s 1.3s 1.6s 1.9s 2.2s 2.3s 2.5s 2.6s 2.7s 2.8s 2.9s
Level 12131415161718192025
20–180% 20–180% 20–200% 20–200% 20–220% 20–220% 20–240% 20–240% 20–260% 20–300%
130% 140% 150% 160% 170% 180% 190% 200% 210% 260%
3s 3s 3.1s 3.2s 3.2s 3.2s 3.3s 3.3s 3.4s 3.6s