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Mastery Pennants are cosmetic rewards in Diablo III that can be worn on the character's back, accessed through Wardrobe. Only one Pennant can be equipped at a time.

There are a total of 7 Mastery Pennants, one for each class. They all have different shape, color and symbols.

P4 classes barb setdungeons mastery.png

Wear your brutal heritage proudly.

P4 classes crusader setdungeons mastery.png

Let all see the humility with which you serve your faith!

P4 classes dh setdungeons mastery.png

  • Demon Hunter: white Demon Hunters' sigil, black and dark blue

Single minded vengeance need not be ugly.

P4 classes monk setdungeons mastery.png

Your martial prowess shall be worshipped alongside your 1001 gods.


All who oppose you, beware.

P4 classes wd setdungeons mastery.png

Summoning dead souls to do your bidding does not make you a bad person.

P4 classes wiz setdungeons mastery.png

A stylish addition to your dashing wardrobe.

Each pennant is awarded if the player beats all four of their class's Set Dungeons with Mastery rating. Ascendant Pennants are awarded for the same task, but with either Normal or Mastery rating.

The pennants may be worn regardless of class (though earning them is impossible without having a character of the specific class).



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  • On the original artwork by Aaron Gaines, the Barbarian Mastery Pennant had a joke sigil of the small swimming duck.