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Manajuma's Way (previously Manajuma's Ornaments) is a Witch Doctor minor weapon class set in Diablo III.

This set is named for Manajuma, a Witch Doctor clan chief.

The set requires a character level of 60 to drop.


The set consists of just two items, both of which are required to complete it, and both are Witch Doctor-restricted.

Set Bonus (2 pieces):

  • Angry Chicken explosion damage is increased by 400% and slain enemies trigger an additional explosion.
  • Angry Chicken now lasts 15 seconds and movement speed as a chicken is increased by an additional 100%.

This bonus means that damage of the Chicken form is effectively quintupled, while movement speed can go up to 250% before any other bonuses. The on-death explosion effect can chain repeatedly, making Angry Chicken most effective against hordes of weaker foes.

For maximum effect, one may couple this set with Spirit of Arachyr.


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Pre-2.3 Set Bonus (2 items):

The poison cloud dealt 200% damage as Poison per tick to enemies within 10 yards, ticking every 0.5 second, that is, 400% damage per second.

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