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For the Magic energy, see Mana.


Refills one's spiritual force, restoring a portion of Mana.

Damage Type: Magic

Mana is a special spell in Diablo I: Hellfire. It cannot be learned from books, and is only found on staves.

General Information[]

Mana is a less powerful variant of Magi spell, as using a Magi staff will restore the character's Mana each time a charge is used (as opposed to Magi, which restores all Mana). It works just like Healing, only it restores Mana instead of Life.

Compared to Mana Potions, carrying a staff of Magi saves inventory space for a Sorcerer, as a single staff (6 cells) is much easier to carry around than 50 or more potions.

Its drawback is that the staff must be equipped to be used. Usually, it is less expensive to recharge a staff than to buy the same number of mana potions.

Mana is cast when the spell is triggered, but only grants the Mana filling effect if the casting animation is completed. Warriors and other slow casting characters might find this one impossible to use when in melee combat, since the monsters will keep hitting them and interrupting their casting animation.

  • Minimum Mana: Bonus x (1 + Character Level + Spell Level)
  • Maximum Mana: Bonus x (10 + 4 x Character Level + 6 x Spell Level)
  • Real Mana restored: Bonus x (Itt(Character Level, Random[1-4] + 1) + Itt( Spell Level, Random[1-6] + 1) + Random[1-10] + 1)
  • Itt stands for Iterated function
  • Bonus: Depends on Character Class:



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