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"The demon you spoke of...it is called Malphas. It has infested this place, taken it for its own. But it can be removed."

Malphas was a demon, and servant of Diablo.[1]


Possession of Gatehall[]

"A young mage, fast asleep. Alone. Cracks in the walls of his mind. I took him. I built his dream anew."

- Malphas(src)

Sometime after the Dark Exile, Malphas possessed the Sorcerer Ayuzhan. Ayuzhan was asleep at the time, alone in the Gatehall. Taking advantage of the cracks in Ayuzhan's mind, Malphas was able to possess him. Ayuzhan apparently woke up during or just prior to the possession, as he beheld Malphas appearing as a red mist.[2]

Malpha's possession was apparently able to extend Ayuzhan's lifespan by centuries, though Ayuzhan still aged. Malphas took the Gatehall as his own, including its elaborate trap system. He used Ayuzhan to repair the Loom,[2] and began creating constructs, which threatened Sanctuary,[3] Malphas possessed one of Zoltun Kulle's prize constructs (the Keeper of the Vaults), giving him a physical avatar.[1]

The Construct[]

In 1336, Malphas began possessing villagers in Gea Kul.[2]

When the Wanderer entered the Gatehall, Malphas whispered in their ear, taunting them. Ayuzhan, still possessed by Malphas, attacked the Wanderer, but Malphas was exorcised.[4]


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Malphas was the boss of Season of the Construct in Diablo IV. Malphas himself remained stationary, but the arena was equipped with traps that the player had to avoid during the battle.


  • "My mouth opens wide. Your heart still beats."
  • "Let me take you. As I took him."
  • "A young mage, fast asleep. Alone. Cracks in the walls of his mind."
  • "I took him. I built his dream anew."

Personality and Traits[]

"This demon is a parasite. It will inhabit whatever it can, simply for the joy of playing the puppeteer. Last I saw it, it was little more than a red mist. If it is able to possess people on the surface...we must move quickly."
Malphas 3

Malphas in his construct avatar

A parasitical demon,[2] Malphas himself was without form,[1] though Ayuzhan noted that Malphas appeared before him as a red mist.[2]

Malphas manipulated others,[1] simply for the joy of pulling their strings. His method of possession was atypical of most demons, in that not only could the host survive possession (and even have their lifespan extended), but Malphas could possess numerous humans at once.[2]