"The Mallet Lords are brutal overseers second only to the seven Evils themselves. The mallet demons rule the seething outer reaches of the Hells that surround the central realms, and have long refused to join any of the Lesser Evils' armies. Surely the destruction would be unthinkable if such a thing ever came to pass."

Deckard Cain(src)

A Mallet Lord

Mallet Lords (a.k.a. Mallet Demons) are large demonic creatures from the Burning Hells.


Mallet Lords first appear in the Hell Rifts of the fourth act of Diablo III. They are able to move quickly through monster groups by stepping over them. While they lack agility and speed, they are tough, immune to Knockback, and can deliver slow, brutally punishing attacks that can easily fell unprepared adventurers. It is better to deal with them through kiting techniques if possible, or use ranged attacks. It is possible to stun or disorient them. They are especially deadly when combined with Vortex, Teleporter, Jailer, Frozen, Waller or Wormhole affixes.


Mallet Lord


  • Hammer Time: The Mallet Lord's only natural form of attack. It smacks the ground directly in front with all 4 arms simultaneously, inflicting ludicrous damage and a guaranteed Knockback in a reasonable area. To compensate for this, the attack has a windup time of approximately a second, can be affected by debuffs that reduce attack speed, and does not track target movement, so it can be easily dodged (and the delay may be used to deal damage). Even a fully equipped tank should never underestimate this attack, however; averagely-equipped players that run higher difficulty levels will find themselves being killed rather easily, compared to when playing on a lower difficulty setting.




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