The Maiden of Flame can be easily distinguished by her fiery glow

Maidens of Flame, The Firestarters, are the most trusted followers of Urzael who share his affinity to fire. The Nephalem will only encounter three of them during The Harbinger quest in Westmarch Heights, and one more in the Plague Tunnels.


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All three Maidens of Flame count as super unique Death Maidens and have Molten affix. In addition, each of the three has either: 
  • Mortar
  • Reflects Damage + Illusionist
  • Jailer + Desecrator

Neither of the three may have the same affix set. They do not summon any minions, but may spawn next to additional Reaper forces. Obviously, their attacks deal Fire damage instead of Cold, and their whirling attack has far greater range.

There is an achievement for killing all three Maidens of Flame in a single game within 10 seconds of each other. There is a bug to achieve this easily, however: kill three illusions of one Maiden of Flame at once.

Other Unique Death Maidens:Edit

  • Peleil, Warden of the Firestorm, is the only Unique Maiden of Flame outside The Harbinger quest, found during the Firestorm event in the Plague Tunnels.
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