5 Maiden Lamiel c
Maiden Lamiel is a super unique Death Maiden leading the attack on The Pandemonium Gate during the Act V main plot in Diablo III. Her goal is to destroy the gate to Pandemonium so that The Nephalem may not pursue Malthael any further.

She is not a dangerous foe by herself (being nothing more than an oversized Death Maiden with Thunderstorm, Electrified, Fast and Jailer affixes), but she is accompanied by multiple other Reapers:

The most dangerous part of the combat is dealing with numerous Summoned Archers. Players will need to counter them being summoned ten at a time, every 10 seconds, which means a cross-angling barrage of piercing cold arrows from all directions. Killing Maidens quickly is advised, and it might be a good idea to take poor girls back to the entrance to minimize the number of skeletons aiming at the player(s).

Killing all Reapers in the area will summon Imperius, and quest will proceed as normal.

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