Magma Demons are wicked, golem-like creatures that dwell in the subterranean caverns beneath Tristram. They usually appear in groups, near lava rivers or pools. According to ancient lore, Magma Demons came into being by the spilling of Mephisto's blood in the Burning Hells.

They are menacing in melee combat as when they choose to perform a melee attack. they do so with both hands, causing 2 hits worth of damage in the time it would take the Warrior to swing a sword. Magma Demons can also lob balls of magma at their enemies from great distance; these lava-balls cause Fire damage. It's best to take them out from a distance using Lightning spells whilst avoiding their ranged attacks.

Magma Demons appear in several additional variations: Blood Stones, Hell Stones and Lava Lords.


Magma Demons (Dominus Ardor)

During the Great Conflict tremendous battles were fought in both the High Heavens and the Burning Hellls. Both sides often carried the conflict deep within the realms of their enemies. During one epic battle into the very heart of Mephisto's fiery lair, a group of brave Seraphim warriors fronted an assault against the Lord of Hatred himself. One of these angelic soldiers made a bold attack and struck a fierce blow that caused the foul blood of Mephisto to rain upon the ground. Each drop that fell seared through the crust of Hell itself and formed powerful demons shaped from molten rock. These demons quickly rose to the aid of their master and drove back the forces of Light by striking them with thrown masses of lava that seared both flesh and bone with the intensity of the Burning Hells. The losses dealt by these Magma Demons were tremendous.

Unique Magma DemonsEdit


  • Resistance: No resistances.
  • Immunity: Fire, Magic
  • Hit Points: 50-70
  • Damage: 2-8
Magma Demon
VariantsMagma DemonBlood StoneHell StoneLava Lord
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